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Almost Matched (Almost Bad Boys #1) by A.O.Peart

Would you take another shot at love? Or just settle on a friend with benefits?

Their heartbreaking past will move you. Their passion will make you blush. Their antics will make you laugh out loud.

Twenty-five-year-old Natalie Davenport lugs substantial baggage. One boyfriend after the next has been a total disaster, leaving Natalie distrustful toward the male population in general. So when Colin Hampton crosses her path, she’s cautious. Her heart (and some other body parts!) nudges her to go for it, while her head wants her to run for the hills.

Colin is one of those gorgeous guys who attract women, no matter the age or marital status. With a successful career at a popular Seattle radio station, hard body, and charming personality, he is the complete package. But something dark lurks in the corners of his soul; some murky experience that has changed him—maybe for the better, but maybe for the worse.

Will he steal her heart and stomp over it like other guys did?

Will she let him into her heavily fortified world despite herself?

Or will they settle somewhere in the middle—establishing the emotional boundaries to protect them from falling in love?

**Almost Matched is the first installment in the Almost Bad Boys series. The books in this series should be read in order. They are not stand-alone books**
Reading order:
Almost Matched
Almost Broken Up
Almost Too Far

**Warning: contains explicit sex scenes, profanity, and a high dose of both sarcasm and totally wacky behavior of the female characters.
Genre(s): Dark Romantic Comedy Second Edition 2016
Available FREE Here

His Bedpost Queen by Lena Hart

Love is a valuable weapon…

Resort and casino co-founder David Carrone has worked hard for what he has. As the illegitimate son to a notorious crime boss, he makes it a point to distance himself from that corrupt life. But when his past comes back in the form of smooth curves and raw passion, David is immediately brought low, putting all he’s worked hard for at risk.

Athena Lewis is a mistress at deception. She’s savvy with a computer, has a sharp mind, and even sharper attitude. Except when it comes to “Davie,” the only man who’s ever made her feel safe. But to protect the only family she has, Athena must take on a job that goes against everything she believes in—even if that includes using the last trick she has left. Her body.

With David’s trust betrayed and Athena’s “mission” exposed, they both set out to right some wrongs while playing a game that will only end with them losing their hearts.

Genre(s): Romance/Thriller/Crime Suspense
Available FREE Here

Pitch Black by Elise Noble

Even a Diamond can be shattered…

After the owner of a security company is murdered, his sharp-edged wife goes on the run. Forced to abandon everything she holds dear – her home, her friends, her job in special ops – she builds a new life for herself in England. As Ashlyn Hale, she meets Luke, a handsome local who makes her realise just how lonely she is.

Yet, even in the sleepy village of Lower Foxford, the dark side of life dogs Diamond’s trail when the unthinkable strikes. Forced out of hiding, she races against time to save those she cares about. But is it too little, too late?

If you want sweetness and light and all things bright,
Diamond’s not the girl for you.
She’s got sass, she’s got snark, and she’s moody and dark,
As she does what a girl’s got to do.

Contains strong language.
Genre(s): Romantic Thriller
Available FREE Here

Gettin’ Lucky with a Leprechaun by Jocelyn Dex

Desmond, a leprechaun who’s always on the run, leads a lonely life. When an auburn-haired beauty jogs past his rainbow, he puts his existence in jeopardy for a chance to get to know her.

Sky, a fitness instructor, lives a simple life until she meets a mysterious hunk of hot man. She’s overwhelmed by her all-consuming attraction to him and the strange happenings that surround him.

When Desmond leads Sky to the end of the rainbow, will she find a pot of gold, or will she just get lucky?

Warning: Dirty Talking Leprechaun, Graphic Sex

Genre(s): Romance/Fantasy

Available FREE Here

Fools Paradise by  Jennifer Stevenson

Bobbyjay and Daisy are trapped in a family feud, powerless to stop it from exploding. Then a Porsche Targa full of live smelt brings them together, and they fake a betrothal they may not be able to escape.

Bobbyjay doesn’t want to escape. The more he sees of Daisy, the more he wishes their engagement was the real thing. But will Daisy ever see him the same way?

Genre(s): Contemporary Romance

Available FREE Here

Catching Adam by Tamara Ruth

College: the best years of your life. But sometimes the dream turns into a nightmare.

Edee Davinroy faces her sophomore year at Smith & Guy University after a summer at home; a summer where she told no one about the night her ex-boyfriend turned vicious.

Edee has her mind made up to focus on grades; not guys. But new problems show up immediately: her roommate’s ex hits on her, her best friend has a secret, her organic chemistry professor came straight from hell, and Adam.

When Adam rescues Edee from her roommate’s ex with a well timed joke, she can’t help but perk up and pay attention. Adam could set her “No Guys” rule on it’s head. And Edee isn’t the only girl looking at Adam.

With classes starting, Edee has to decide if she wants to chance another romance. Or keep running. Because running from her past won’t get her the guy who makes her weak in the knees.

The debut novel from Tamara Ruth, Catching Adam is a new addition to the growing genre of sweet, new adult romance created by the likes of Colleen Hoover, J.A. Coffey, and Jerica MacMillan.

This book was formerly published as Twists of Love by T.E. Ruth

Genre(s): Romance/ New Adult

Available FREE Here

Love Comes Later by Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar

“…a deliciously tangled plot and insight into life on the Persian Gulf.” Kirkus Review When newlywed Abdulla loses his wife and unborn child in a car accident, the world seems to crumble beneath his feet. Thrust back into living in the family compound, he goes through the motions–work, eat, sleep, repeat. Blaming himself for their deaths, he decides to never marry again but knows that culturally, this is not an option. Three years later, he’s faced with an arranged marriage to his cousin Hind, whom he hasn’t seen in years. Hard-pressed to find a way out, he consents to a yearlong engagement and tries to find a way to end it. What he doesn’t count on, and is unaware of, is Hind’s own reluctance to marry. Longing for independence, she insists on being allowed to complete a master’s degree in England, a condition Abdulla readily accepts. When she finds an unlikely friend in Indian-American Sangita, she starts down a path that will ultimately place her future in jeopardy. The greatest success of Rajakumar’s novel is the emotional journey the reader takes via her rich characters. One cannot help but feel the pressure of the culturally mandated marriage set before Hind and Abdulla. He’s not a real Muslim man if he remains single, and she will never be allowed freedoms without the bondage of a potentially loveless marriage. It’s an impossible situation dictated by a culture that they still deeply respect. Rajakumar pulls back the veil on life in Qatar to reveal a glimpse of Muslim life rarely seen by Westerners.

Genre(s): Contemporary Romance

Available FREE Here

The Mercenary by Kaye Blue

I’m a solider for hire. In my world, attachments are a weakness. So I’ve severed mine.

All except her.

Every second without her was hell, but I swore I’d never look back
I shouldn’t have answered when she called, but now she’s in danger, and I’m her only way out.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Available FREE Here

Ultimate Surrender by Lydia Rowan

CEO and mercenary Lucian Silver is desperate to keep his defense company afloat. Taking on meddling investors was his last resort. But the mere presence of Cassandra Porterson and her watchful eye makes his blood boil—and his temperature rise. As much as he wants to hate her, he can’t deny their irresistible attraction. And when Lucian discovers that Cassandra is far from the enemy he thought, he finally begins to let down his guard. Then tragedy strikes, and Cassandra is more in danger than he could have imagined. It’s up to Lucian to save the woman he didn’t want around—and now cannot live without. But can Lucian fight for love when terror is knocking down his door?

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Available FREE Here

Blink: 1 (Rebel Minds) by C.B. Stone

Aria Grace has always been a rebel.

Well… maybe more like a silent rebel. Okay, maybe that’s not really a thing. Still, she’s totally a rebel in her head. Until she meets gorgeous Wisdom and lets the rebel in her out to play.

Then her world shatters, leaving Aria’s mind spinning and her heart aching. Maybe it was only a dream. A beautiful, fleeting dream. So fleeting, that if she blinked, she could fool herself into thinking it never happened. That he never happened.

But Aria knows better. Wisdom was real. He had to be… right? Soon, Aria finds herself on the run, her life in danger, with no idea who she can trust. Wishing with all her heart she could just go back to dreaming.

Genre: Romance Suspense

Available FREE Here

Awakening by C.B. Stone

It’s Not Easy Being Chosen

“Though music is forbidden and could get me in big trouble with the Ministry, I nevertheless often find myself singing softly in spite of the danger.

Little do I know just how much hot water my strange compulsion to sing will actually land me in.

What is happening in the world around me? How is it happening? How does the stranger Noah fit into things? And most importantly… why me? I’m no more special than the next person.

So many questions and so many dangers. All I can do is trust that whatever is happening, it is good. I can see that it’s good, and I refuse to let anyone convince me otherwise.”

Fantasy dystopian romance, please read books in order. Cliffhanger ending.

Genre: Romance/ Fantasy/YA

Available FREE Here

Book Previews

Maid for the South Pole (Romance Island Resort Book 7) by Demelza Carlton

Can you resist summer love in the snow with penguins?
Hotel maid turned meteorologist Audra is determined to make her mark on the world without a man getting in her way. Seizing the chance to join an expedition to the South Pole, she thinks all her Christmases have come at once.
Until she returns to the research station and meets her new roommate.
When Jean-Pierre’s wife broke his heart, he swore off women, vowing to spend his holidays in Antarctica for one final season. He didn’t count on sharing a room with an Australian woman who hates him for something he can’t even remember.
Will the heat of a South Pole summer be enough to thaw two icy hearts?

Genre(s): Romance/Action/Adventure

Chapter Preview Available FREE Here