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Who’s the Villain? Who’s the Victim? Who’s a Survivor?

Can you tell just by looking at the images above?

Saving Zoe is book one in the Border Crimes Series, however, Escaping Trouble is the series prequel. Saving Zoe will be released before the prequel. So far, four books are in the works for this series. Whether are not more books will be released within this series has yet to be decided but either way, you’ll certainly be getting more books out of me. Ultimately, the fans will determine whether are not more books will be written within this series. So if you love, love, love, the Border Crimes Series, let me know. Fans opinions are valued so feel free to email me to share your thoughts and follow me on Facebook.

Meet some of the characters

Can you tell…

Who’s the boss of the boss of a criminal organization?

Who’s caught up in a war?

Who’s a victim?

Who’s a villain?

Who’s battling multiple personalities? Good vs Bad

Who can be saved?

Who can’t be saved?

Who will survive?