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Keeping up with your favorite characters is simple to do. Just sign up for Eva Winters newsletter below and/ or check back here to stay in the know. Find out what’s going on with characters from each series and get inside scoops on who’s getting married, who’s been knocked-off, knocked-up, and more. Don’t worry, I promise to keep it interested. 

Consider this. Which minor character would you be most interested in knowing more about? Is it one of the detective’s, Zoe’s roommate, or perhaps even one of the villain’s or someone in their family? Well, don’t worry. You have time to think about while I work on getting out some already planned books in the Border Crimes Series.

Souvenirs and More

Okay so, all of your characters have some type of history and things they keep to remind them of that history. I’ll be posting some of those items here along with information on how you can get your very own character keepsakes. Check back soon or be on the lookout for mentions of these items in the upcoming newsletter.

Tattoos, Posters, and More

I don’t know what’s up with these guys but both the male and female characters seem to all have some type of tattoo, even the one’s who’s tattoos are not mentioned in the stories you read. If you want to see some of these cool tattoo’s check back here for pictures. They’ll be coming out soon.

Also, check back for other cool stuff like keychains, tattoos, posters and more!